Let’s say you want to go to the funniest site on all the interwebs, Fark.  Here’s a tip to save some keystrokes so you have more energy to laugh: type fark in the address bar in your browser, then hold down CTRL when you hit enter.  The browser automagically fills in the http://www.____.com for you! Granted, most browsers are intelligent enough to eventually locate the full address for you in that situation, but this saves those few seconds it takes to figure out what you want.  When you spend a lot of time in front of a computer those quick shortcuts can really help move things along.

This shortcut works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox, and it probably works in the other major browsers as well. There are other combinations to complete a .net and .org domain, but I always forget those.

For some reason this shortcut key combo is not very well known, so do a good deed now and spread the word.

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