Right before I switched to FiOS last winter, I started noticing some BitTorrent connection issues.  Sure enough, Comcast has been caught with its pants down.  The executive summary is that Comcast is spoofing reset packets to trick filesharing applications into thinking the connection to the remote peer was dropped.

This isn’t magically limited to illegal sharing only; it’s across the board. What’s more, even Lotus Notes packets are disappearing into the ether.  Money quote:

Gigi B. Sohn, president of Public Knowledge, said that Comcast’s actions demonstrate the need for legislation. “Add this incident to the Verizon behavior on text messaging and AT&T’s censoring of the Pearl Jam concert and it’s clear that the policymakers who kept saying, ‘Wait until there’s a problem’ before acting on legislation to keep the Internet free and non-discriminatory have to wait no longer,” said Sohn in a statement. “We have a problem, and it’s time to act on it.”

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