Sometime in the last day or two Santa GMail delivered an extra gig… they’re up to 3.75GB now.  Sweet.

At an academic/pointy-headed level it’s interesting to see how we’re slowly mass migrating back to the client-server model that PCs made obsolete not that long ago.  Just within the past few years it’s become possible to do just about everything with a stripped-down PC and a web browser.  With absolutely no basis in rationality, fact, or research, I believe that in the next few years the consumer PC market will shift to a sharply divided two market model – very high end and very low end.  With online storage capacity and broadband speeds increasing exponentially, the need for end user horsepower is fading.  Why spend three grand on a new machine when you can:

  • slum it ($300-500)
  • do everything online ($0)
  • enjoy the same user experience on any net-connected PC on the planet ($priceless)

Crazy times.  Wouldn’t have them any other way.

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