June 2007

fuslogvw.exe, aka the Assembly Binding Log Viewer, is a sweet little utility that comes bundled with Visual Studio. As you might have been able to gather from the name, it provides access to the binding log for each assembly. These logs can prove invaluable when tracking down bizarre loading/binding behavior of .NET assemblies. Read more about it here.


Have you ever wanted to create a mirrored effect for an image but a lack of Photoshop and Silverlight knowledge prevented you?

Me neither.  But the totally free Javascript file offered here makes it difficult to resist adding mirror reflections to every image you see.  Just reference the file in a <script> tag and add class=”reflect” to the <img> tag of the image you’d like to violate.

“Javascript often strikes me as the Ferris Bueller of programming languages. Not always taken seriously, but still surprisingly inventive and most of all – very, very annoying.” –kushal