Today Slashdot featured this letter sent to The Consumerist by a music lover who – try to contain your surprise – got screwed by DRM. It’s nothing new if you’ve been paying attention the last 5 years, but this quote struck close to home:

I’d like to say I was outraged, but in the end I must admit to feeling remarkably sad and deflated over the whole process. See, the thing is, I was raised on music. I was saved by music. I (used to) live for music.

Remind you of anyone? Perhaps yourself?

DRM is a plague and sunshine is a disinfectant. It’s long been time for independent investigations into the RIAA‘s punitive tactics as well as their claims that illegal file sharing is the culprit behind plummeting sales numbers. Anyone who can stand to turn on a radio for 30 minutes knows why sales are down, and strong-arming 12 year olds into $3,000 settlements isn’t going to change that.

The simple fact is the 21st century licensing model for music is horribly broken. As the author states in his letter, how long would Coke last if they required customers to consume their tasty beverage using Coke-approved equipment and only in ways deemed acceptable by Coke? Wouldn’t Pepsi like to know…